A Baur & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.

Baurs was established in 1897 in Colombo and employs over 800 people in the various segments of the Company - Import, Export, Distribution, Manufacturing and Agency Business in Agriculture, Healthcare, Industrial Raw Materials, Exports, Airlines, Travel, Optics, Machinery and Engineering.

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Sunday Leader
26th January 2014

Baurs Builds Rs. 350 Mn. Office

Swiss headquartered A. Baur & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd., laid the foundation stone on Thursday (January 23) for the construction of a Rs. 350 million eight storeyed office complex at its Grandpass premises.......

Sunday Island
26th January 2014

Lakshman Niyangoda appointed first Sri Lankan MD at Baurs

After 30 years of services, Lakshman Niyangoda was appointed Managing Director of A. Baur & Company Pvt. Limited last week......

Daily News
24th January 2014

Niyangoda first Lankan MD, Baurs

Lakshman Niyangoda was appointed as the first Sri Lankan Managing Director of Baur Holdings.....

Daily Mirror
24th January 2014

Welcoming new CEO

A ceremony was held at Jaic Hilton recently to felicitate the newly appointed MD/CEO at A. Baur & Co. (Pvt) Ltd....

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Long services Felicitation Ceremony 2012 - CEO speech

Mr. Thomas Daetwyler CEO said in his opening speech that ,One hundred and fourteen years ago, Mr. Alfred Baur founded this company with a vision to create a value for the future. Unlike many other companies founded at that time, the vision to create a company was not unlike the vision to create a legacy itself; a larger vision.

So what would the company be like?  It wasn’t enough to create a fertilizer company. Baurs would be not only state of the art organization, but under the leadership of Mr. Alfred Baur, it would be a leading-edge facility known for exemplary, nationally recognized service to the nation.

In 2000, I was selected to be the new Managing Director of Baurs. It can only be described as a journey that would contribute to a marvelous story about discovery, passion, compassion and leading-edge organization, sometimes against all odds.  It’s been a very intense trip “Back to the Future.”

As we continued to escalate our commitment to grow Baurs, the halls were filled with the echoes of decades past crying out to us. We all have proven that Baurs stands strong and rejuvenated in the Sri Lankan business environment.  

Tonight is about the celebration of our proud heritage.  Tonight is about the passion of the wonderful employees of Baurs and this night has been made possible by the support of those employees and a singularly, focused board that passionately embraces the continuation of a full-service, community-based organization contributing to the development of our host country and the legacy of Mr. Alfred Baur.

Tonight we are celebrating you, our marvelous employees who have contributed many years of your life for the benefit of Baurs, committed, loyal, dedicated and hard working.

I would fail in my duty if I would not mention our Honorary Chairman Mr. Thilo Hoffmann who 66 years ago set foot on the shores of this beautiful island and throughout the many years proved to be a real asset for our organization steering it through many difficult periods. Thank you Mr. Hoffmann.  Thanks go also to Mr. Olivier Dunant as President of the Foundation and Mr. Ilg President of Lanka Baur Holding who have proven their commitment, support and goodwill for our company through many years.


Sunday Island
29th Sunday January 2012

Baurs give tangible meaning to Human Resource (HR) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The mission statement of the company read, “To work with stakeholders to find solutions to assist in the transformation of Sri Lanka, into a modern economy.

The Sunday Leader
29th Sunday January 2012

Loyal Service

A Baur & Co. (Pvt) feted 80 of their staff who served the company between 15 to 30 years at a function in Colombo on 23rd Monday January

Ceylon Today
Thursday 26th January 2012

Baurs & Co. Staff Felicitation 2012

Newsletter December 2011


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